Signs of an engaging website

2019-03-14T10:28:55-04:00March 14th, 2019||By Ram Siva

A website is a place which tells about you and your services. It should be engaging so that it drives more visitors to your website and turn them into your customers. Creativity is required and needed to make a web design which is more engaging. There should be a focus on better user experience, easy navigation, and a clean structure while designing a website.

Recipe of an Engaging Web Design in Toronto:

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  • Simple Layout Design: A layout of a website tells you the place of the content, it gives the first impression about you to your visitors. Website with a simple layout is clean, easy to navigate and can be used easily on different devices. The simpler the layout is, the better it is. Use images and content in a way that draws the attention of the visitors.
  • Easier Navigation: An easier navigation will help your visitors to browse your different services or products, thus resulting in the spending of more time on your website. Your website menu should be designed in a way that helps them to find what they are looking for in a quick and easy manner. Use exact and proper titles in navigation or menu bar. Better navigation will definitely improve the performance of your website.

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  • Call To Action: A call to action button on a website, tells your visitors to perform a specific activity. It can sign up for newsletters, buy your products or anything. Best call to action button is designed in a way that visitors cannot resist clicking on it. It should have a clear and short message and designed in a contrasting color.


  • Fonts: Font type and color impacts your website design and should be used in such a way that it can be read easily. The color of the font similar to the color of the background makes it difficult for users to read the content. As well the size of the font should neither be too small nor be too large.
  • Use Of Images And Videos: A web page with attractive images and videos makes the visitor stay longer on the website. Use of high-quality graphics and HD videos will draw the attention of your visitors and result in engagement with your website. Another importance of video on the website also improves SEO and conversions.

All the points above mentioned if applied carefully while designing a website will result in a design that will have high engagement with visitors. Wow websites offers services of web development in Toronto and delivers high-quality websites.