Get Most Out of Shopify Platform By Hiring Professional Shopify Developer

2019-03-14T12:36:49-04:00January 15th, 2019||By Ram Siva

I want to share this blog because many clients reaching us are already signed up for Shopify but got struck in different stages of their store setup process.  

Shopify is quite easy to set up. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up and then you are all set to design your very own retail portal. The sign up is pretty obvious, but not everybody manages to complete their website setup. Below, I have consolidated the issues people generally come up with. 

shopify developer

  1. Signed up for Shopify Free trail. Selected a theme and installed it. But you are lost and don’t know what to do next. 
  2. Already setup a beautiful store using a Premium Theme. But the theme is missing some important features required for business. 
  3. You have a brand and need a unique design or customize theme heavily. 
  4. You do not want to setup online store yourself and need a professional help.  
  5. You have a startup/agency and don’t have the resource. You want to turn big ideas into fully-functioning shops with theme modifications and custom apps for your startup or your big clients. 

And then there are some tiny bits of problems and technical issues.

Well, I feel when you run into such problems, it is always better to seek professional help rather than wasting your valuable time and resources in experimenting and trials.

Shopify Partners have been working in the domain for a long enough for you to trust them to get things on track in no time, and as always they have got some tricks up their sleeves to make miracles happen. 

How can a Shopify developer fix your problems? 

Shopify Developer

Here’s how a developer could help resolve your issues and deliver the results you wish for. 

Store Setup 

Setting up the Shopify store is really simple, just choose a favorable theme, a few clicks here and there and you are good to go. Though the Shopify interface is pretty much self-explanatory, there are still a few bumps that can throw you off track. Also, to get through with advanced functions like the Payment gateway, shipping, refunds etc. you need a guy with skills.  In many cases it’s saves you a lot of time and money and allows you to focus on core business area rather than spending your precious time on Shopify Admin panel.  

Design or Theme customization

Shopify’s front end is reasonably customizable – you can modify colors, drag and drop images and update contents yourself or consult with Shopify support for help. But some of the Shopify Support articles requires you to have HTML, CSS or Liquid Templates knowledge. If you can’t code, you need a developer. 

Limitations in Shopify default features 

This is the trickiest part. Although Shopify has provided the basic functionalities and features at a fair price, there are still a few limitations which cannot fulfill the demand of various businesses. In order to meet these requirements, you would need a developer who can configure new functionalities into Shopify and create a reliable online shopping experience. 

We have been contacted by store owners or even big agencies to help in this part.

Below are some of the limitations that we have overcome in Shopify.  

One of the clients wants a multi step process to add a customizable product to cart and none of the apps in Shopify store met this requirement. We had to use multiple apps to achieve this. Still the flow was missing some important functionality. Luckily we found and was able to customize the Add to cart button with additional functionality. 

We added new sections to theme and made it easily customizable by client from theme options. We added new filter feature to theme and the list goes on.   

We are here to help 

A lot of businesses are still compromising and struggling with above-mentioned issues. WOW Websites is a web design company in Toronto over the years has gathered expertise into this domain, and have been successfully delivering Shopify development service to customers. We are here to provide you services of web development in Toronto and Shopify customizations at affordable rates. For details check out our services or connect with us to get started.  Hire a Shopify Developer today.