How to design an ecommerce website to increase sales

2019-04-25T07:58:59-04:00April 22nd, 2019||By Ram Siva

With the increasing numbers of internet users, the number of online shoppers has been increased rapidly, which has led to the birth of many e-commerce companies around the globe. Your web design plays a crucial role in the success of your business as this is the only platform where you are connected with your customers.

Website Design Factors that boost sales of an e-commerce store are:

  • Loading Time: It is the most important factor that shoppers consider while visiting an e-commerce site. Shoppers love sites that load fast. If a shopping site takes more time to load products, then it becomes a painful experience for the people to shop from those websites and ultimately they move to another website.

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  • High-Quality Images: Use high-quality HD images that are clear and vivid. Good Images convince people to buy products. If images of the products are not clearly visible, then visitors are less likely to purchase that product. In order to increase sales take the photo of a product from different angles so that the product is visible completely in images.
  • Responsive Site: According to many surveys and research, there are more internet users on the phone rather than a computer or laptop. So, in order to win customers make your website responsive so that users from every device can access your website. Every company offering services of web design in Toronto suggests a responsive website for your business.
  • Live Chat: Have a feature of live chat on your website, so that you can contact them in case they are facing any issues or if they are not able to find the desired products. This feature will help in increasing engagement with visitors. It also improves conversion rate as you can guide your visitors in the buying process and make the pleasant and happy shopping experience for them.
  • Information-Rich Products: Add all the information about the product that customers can think of. When shoppers get complete details about what they are looking for they are more like to buy. Detailed information increases the conversion rate. Add social sharing buttons on the products, it increases user engagement and visibility of products.
  • Easy Check Out Process: Make the shopping process as small as you can. People are happier when they have less to do. Because of the complexity involved in the shopping process, people add products to cart and then vanishes which decreases tour conversion rate.
  • Social Media Links: Provide all the social media links of all your accounts on the website as well it increases the credibility and trust of people with your company.

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