Important Functionalities Of A Successful Ecommerce Website

2019-08-23T08:26:25-04:00August 23rd, 2019||By Ram Siva

An eCommerce website has many features and functionalities, but its success depends on limited features. Good Web Design and its marketing are the two most important factors for an E-commerce business. These features encourage visitors to buy products from your online store, thus leading to a better conversion rate. An e-commerce store manager can observe the real difference in sales after making these features better on the website.

Must-Have Features In An Ecommerce Website

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  • Zoom Out Feature: Every eCommerce website is using high-resolution pictures of their products. But, that’s not sufficient to convince your customer. Many people do not consider buying products online, because of look and feel factor. This problem can be overcome by the zoom feature. This feature allows visitors to visualize the product in a detailed way. It allows a visitor to see every detail of the product. Adding a 360-degree view to this feature also boosts the sale. This will give the same feeling of physically touching the product. Zoom out feature with a 360-degree view will improve the conversion rate of every eCommerce site.


  • User Reviews: This feature allows the buyer and user of the product to rate and share their reviews about the product. User reviews about any product influence the sale of a product. There is a change in consumer behavior. Usually, online shoppers now watch reviews of the product they are going to buy. This feature also increases product engagement as visitors read the reviews and ratings before making their purchase decision. Reviews build the trust of your product and make your brand more credible and reliable. Always ask your company of web design in Toronto to insert this feature while designing the website.


  • Showing Related Products: This feature is showing other products which are related to searcher’s query. This feature boosts sales as buyers are provided with other options and alternatives. User engagement is increased by this feature as buyers have the entire options one after other while they are searching for the product. Many eCommerce websites use this feature with different strategies like showing bestseller products or the ones that have more discount or free delivery. It increases the conversion rate and sales of an eCommerce store.


All these features described above will turn your eCommerce store into a huge business. Select a good web design company in Toronto for building your online stores with all these features.