Reasons Of Lower Conversion Rate Of A Website

2019-05-31T12:44:08-04:00May 25th, 2019||By Ram Siva

The conversion rate of a website defines its success, a conversion may be buying a product, filling a query form, or subscribing to your newsletters. We can understand it in this way, every visitor to your website is your potential customer. If you are not converting them it means you are losing customers.  So, it’s better to focus on conversion as if you are making efforts to drive high traffic on the website. Those efforts will only pay when traffic will be converted into sales.

Possible reasons for the lower conversion rate of a website:

  • Bad Impression: This is one of the common reasons for the poor performance of a website and not winning customers. Design of the website is not attractive that it draws the attention of a visitor and engages him. There can be many reasons for this like poor navigation, call to actions are not clear, poor images of the products, etc. The color combination and font size and color can also be the reasons. In this case, you will find a high bounce rate of your website. To solve this problem, you can analyze the website design of your competitors to find the loopholes or you can hire web design Toronto for professional designs.

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  • Value proposition: Value proposition is basically the value you are offering to the client when he is buying your product or services. For an e-commerce store, it can be your pricing strategy, maybe customers think that your asking price is too much or you are not delivering high-quality products. In case of signing up for the newsletter, they might think the information you are going to provide them will not be valuable.
  • Credibility and Reliability: No one will buy anything from your website until they trust you. To win the trust of visitors you must have the testimonials of your existing clients. To make this important piece of information more reliable, you can add their photos and their social media profile links along with testimonials.
  • About You: Your website is only about you. Who are you, what are your objectives, mission, and goals, when your journey was started, why you are better than your competitors? Answers to all these questions must be addressed on your website, so that visitor can connect his needs with you.
  • Loading Time: Last but not least is the loading time of the website. Your website should have a load time below 3 seconds. Higher is the loading time, higher are the chances that visitor will move to the next website. In order to reduce loading time, you can hire Web design Brampton for this task.

All these are the most common reasons for the failure of a website. If your website has low conversion ratio then check out all the reasons mentioned above to make your website cash cow.