What are the features of a good web design?

2019-04-19T12:23:11-04:00April 19th, 2019||By Ram Siva

There are some features or characteristics in a website that affects its productivity. Your website may take your business to new heights or it might hurt your sales and branding. Features that engage users, build trust and convert them into customers are the backbone of successful web design.

Qualities of A good Web Design Toronto are as follows:

web design company features

  • Professional Design: A website creates an impression for your products and services, that’s why a business website must have a polished and professional appearance. The professional appearance of website grabs the eyeballs of visitors, thus resulting in better engagement. Sufficient White Space, Easy to read content, good font size, type and color, Meaningful Graphics, Neat layouts, and high-quality images gives a professional look to the websites.
  • Usability And Navigation: Proper navigation and easy to use website improve the user experience. These two features affect the bounce rate and conversion of the website. Visitor landing on the website must be able to find easily where he wants to go like contact page, services, about section, blog, etc. If your web design is not serving the same then the visitor will move to the website of your competitor. Website loading time also plays a crucial role in user engagement. The faster it loads, the lower you will have bounce rate, thus you will enjoy more conversions.


  • Visible CTAs: Call to actions improves the user engagement with the website by encouraging visitors to take a particular action like sign up forms, subscribing to newsletters, social sharing, adding to wishlist, buying your products, etc. CTAs with higher visibility leads to more actions. Also, it should have maps for direction and every possible point of contacts like phone, email, skype, and all your social media accounts.

mobile responsive

  • Responsive Design: As you must be aware that more than half of the traffic comes from mobile devices and tablets. So, your business website must have a responsive design in order to make it accessible for a large number of users. Thus a responsive website results in improved conversions and sales. Another benefit of having a responsive design is that it improves your SEO rankings.

A good company offering services of Web Design in Brampton will take care of all above-mentioned points.

Proper functionalities of a website such as payment gateways, add to cart, etc. must be in good working condition. Any failure in these functionalities hurt the user experience, for example, if payment processing of a customer is failed, then he is less likely to visit again and buy your services.